Paintballing Adrenaline

Blow Off Some Steam And Go Paintballing

Reckon you’re a little bit Rambo? Get camouflaged up, release your inner demon and go commando in an all shooting, all dodging and diving paintballing experience. Decked out in protective gear and brandishing a semi-automatic paintball weapon, you’ll certainly look and feel the part.

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Tank Driving

Can’t Cut It In The Army? You Can Still Drive A Tank!

Find out what it means to be King of the off-road in this awesome tank driving experience. You’ll get kitted out in boots ‘n all before blasting your way up hill and down dale from behind the controls of a monstrous military tank.

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Motor Yacht Sightseeing

Love Boats? Top Sailing Experiences You Must Try

Ever wanted to sail the seven seas? Now you can, thanks to  variety of thrilling seafaring adventures that will either show you the country’s best sights, thrill you to your core, or teach you the ins and outs of sailing.

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Go-karts Driving

Nip Around A Track In Go Karts

Get back to basics and discover the grass-roots of motorsport in this go-get-em go karting experience. Whether you’ve got the need for speed, you’re a future F1 star or you’re just out for some laughs, you’ll have a bucket-load of fun in these mini road missiles.

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Capture The Moment With A Photoshoot

Picture this: Treat yourself or your loved one to the star treatment with this photoshoot experience that’s all lights, action and camera. Enjoy a sizzling beauty makeover which will leave you looking and feeling every bit the supermodel.

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Skydiving Adrenaline

Feel The Rush, Skydiving

Think you’ve got what it takes to leap out of a plane? Ready to take the plunge, feel the wind in your face and scream like a banshee? Then try a skydiving experience on for size.

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Passenger jet cockpit Flying

Forget Bedroom Games. Try This Real-World Flight Simulator

Fly into the virtual blue with this passenger jet flight simulator experience and learn how to ‘fly’ an airliner. Yes, really. Step into the cockpit of a real training simulator and experience the thrill of becoming captain and commander in the likes of a Boeing 737.

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