Roll Down A Hill In A Giant Hampster Ball, Zorbing


If you’re looking for a great way to send off the stag, a chance to stitch up one of your mates or just some laughs at someone else’s expense, zorbing is the perfect candidate.

Watch with glee as the zorbeteer (your mate, unless you’re twisted enough to opt for this yourself) is strapped on the inside wall of an inflatable bouncy ball then mercilessly pushed down a hill, hurtling head over heels and gathering speeds of up to 30mph for a truly stomach-churning experience. This is not for the faint-hearted but you’ll get some great comedy moments and no doubt you’ll still be laughing long after their world has stopped spinning.

There are several different ways to take part in this extreme sport:

  • Harness Zorbing will see you strapped securely on the inside wall of the sphere, turning somersaults with the ball as it tumbles and bounces downhill.
  • Aqua Zorbing is just you, the ball and several buckets of water. There’s no harness, so instead of feeling like a hamster on a speed wheel you’ll roll around in the bottom of the ball as it hurtles downhill. You’ll certainly make a splash – so remember to bring a towel and spare clothing.
  • Indoor Zorbing, also known as Air Sphereing, is another variation which is somewhere between sky-diving and Harness Zorbing. This is the latest adventure craze which sees participants whirl around inside an inflatable ball within a 150mph wind tunnel.
  • Snow Zorbing offers the same thrill as outdoor zorbing but in the unique setting of an indoor ski slope. You are strapped into the sphere before hurtling down a giant slope of real snow!
  • Body Zorbing is where you wear a mini inflatable zorb and engage in fun and games bouncing off each other

On the day, arrive well before your allotted time so you’ve got the chance to get kitted up and watch the others in action. Before it’s your turn to climb inside and let gravity do its thing, you’ll have a safety briefing on how to zorb safely – then it’s time to take the plunge – literally – and enjoy the adrenalin rush of your life!

You are advised to wear a crew or round-neck top and comfortable trousers as you will wear a full body harness inside the zorb. For Aqua Zorbing you will receive a thorough soaking so bring shorts or jogging bottoms and a spare set of clothes for after the experience.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to race around inside a hamster ball, this is your chance to find out. Putting a new spin on extreme sports, zorbing is the latest craze for thrill-seekers who just like doing hair-raising things for kicks. It’s the perfect way to do something wild or treat someone you love (or not, as the case may be) to an afternoon of exhilarating entertainment with plenty of comedy moments thrown in. Put yourself and your friends on fast spin and let the good times roll!

Roll, baby, roll! - What You Need To Know

  • WHEN: Zorbing is weather-dependant as you don't really want to be uncontrollably blown away by the wind. For that reason, in strong winds, the experience may be postponed.
  • WHERE: Locations are available nationwide. Specialist zorbing activities other than harness zorbing or water zorbing, take place at selected locations around the country.
  • WHO: If you know someone who'd look at a hill and think, 'yep, I'd like to roll down that bad boy', this is the experience for them. The same goes for mates who envy hamsters and their spheres. This adrenaline-filled experience ranks highly on the thrill factor scale, even if it is totally bonkers.
  • OCCASIONS: While this experience is good for Christmas and birthday presents, it's stag and hen parties where it really comes into its own.
  • PRICES: Can you put a price on being rolled around like you're inside a washing machine? Well, yes, it turns out, you can. Water sphereing usually starts from around £15 a head, as does harness zorbing. (correct at the time of writing)

Top zorbing experiences

You wouldn't catch me in a ball rolling down a hill. But if it sounds like the perfect gift idea for a mate, try these for size.

Hydro and Harness Zorbing for Two in Whyteleafe, Surrey

Get the best of both in this experience for two. Strap in and roll down a hill in harness zorbing. Next, the zorb is turned into a mobile washing machine thanks to the addition of 40 litres of water. The straps are removed and you'll slosh and sploosh all the way down the hill at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour.

From £99 for two From Activity Superstore (at time of writing)Learn more

Eclipse Zorbing for Two in Nottinghamshire

Who turned off the lights? This experience takes zorbing to the next level. Rather than use translucent zorbs like other experiences, this one uses opaque ones. The result is a zorbing experience in the dark, upping the ante and fear-factor.

From £58 for two from Red Letter Days (at time of writing)Learn more°

Body Zorbing in Harrogate

Pop on your body zorb and engage in games such as last one standing, bulldog, and football. This experience is as much about skill as it is about running into each other trying to knock over your opponents. This experience is for six people, so is ideal for a stag or hen party, or for a birthday celebration to remember.

From £180 for six from Into The Blue (at time of writing)Learn more°

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  1. I had the sphereing exierpence recently and it was so much fun, we certainly are in an elite club i think! most people i’ve spoken to have never heard of it but i think its great. I had the water in the zorb too and it made me feel like i was in a washing machine! A great present from my best friends!

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