Rally racing Driving

Take Off-Roading To The Next Level, Rallying

Release your road rage and watch the dirt fly as you make like Colin McRae and master the art of rally driving – one of the most thrilling and hair-raising driving experiences around.

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Ferrari Supercar Driving

You’re Never Too Young To Start Driving

Heard the one about kids driving supercars? No, really. This is a genuine opportunity that’s guaranteed to be the talk of the playground. Let your kids loose in a Lamborghini, watch them fire up a Ferrari or treat them to a thrilling rally-driving experience.

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Waves Adrenaline

Get Wet And Wild, Coasteering Or Canyoning

Love the outdoors but find it a tad boring? Coasteering, canyoning, and gorge walking aims to change that. In these experiences you’ll jump off cliffs, swim in choppy waters, navigate waterfalls, and slide down natural flumes. It’s all about having fun in the great outdoors.

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Bungee Jumping Adrenaline

Be Brave And Take The Leap Bungee Jumping

Daredevils and adrenalin junkies take note: if you love eye-watering speed, great views and feeling the wind in your face, a bungee jump is for you. Reach towering heights before taking a leap of faith and launching yourself into the abyss.

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