Capture The Moment With A Photoshoot

Picture this: Treat yourself or your loved one to the star treatment with this photoshoot experience that’s all lights, action and camera. Enjoy a sizzling beauty makeover which will leave you looking and feeling every bit the supermodel. Or skip the hair-do and head straight for the studio where it’s all props, pouts and poses.

There’s plenty of mood lighting and pap-style snapping to set the scene, and by the end you’ll be rendered speechless. Step aside Kate Moss – a new star is born!

Classic photoshoot

Glamour Photoshoot

Instantly become a glamour model with a Makeover Photoshoot

A picture paints a thousand words: so why not tell your story in photos? Capture a beautiful family moment, let your wild side loose or discover a side you never knew. It’s all about getting pampered, looking the part and enjoying a fun-filled experience – as well as creating timeless memories to treasure. The result is simply picture perfect.

On the day, you will meet your photographer and stylist (if undergoing a makeover) before receiving a consultation to determine what you want from the experience and how you want to look. The makeover is carried out by a professional stylist which includes hair and make-up, and you will usually have a complimentary drink too.

Then it’s into the studio for a fun-filled photographic experience! Your photographer (sometimes accompanied by an assistant) will offer guidance and direction throughout, and in most cases you can use props to personalise your shots. The experience may also include different backdrops or use of lighting to introduce additional character.

Most photoshoots are done in your own outfits, although a limited selection of clothing and accessories may be available.

After the photoshoot you will be able to browse the shots either on the day, or come back at an agreed date to view the results.

Photoshoots are available for him, for her, and for families.

Here's a suggestion:

Enjoy a Family Photoshoot with all the family. Get a souvenir 10x8 inch print after the event. Red Letter Days assures there will be no hard sell either.
From £20 for a family from Red Letter Days (at time of writing)Learn more°

Children's photoshoot

Children's Photoshoot

Kids grow up so fast so take the opportunity to capture their youth in a professional photoshoot session.

Give your little darling the big star treatment with this fabulous children's photoshoot experience. Whether it’s a birthday treat, a celebration or to pass some school holiday time, enjoy a lively afternoon of fun and frivolity as your little angel takes centre stage. They’ll get to go wild and do all the things they’re not supposed to – and you’ll get plenty of laughs in the process. Watch them strut their stuff, set the stage alight and show off to their heart’s content while the camera clicks away; giving them an unforgettable experience and giving you a timeless memento you can cherish forever.

These sessions are designed to be fun and informal – a chance for your child to shine and for you to take home wonderful memories, along with a timeless memento to cherish. Most sessions start with a consultation and, where applicable, a makeover or styling for your child followed by a studio session. Props are often used and you are usually welcome to bring your own too.

Got a little diva in the making? Give them a treat they’ll never forget where they can pose, pout and go potty in this fun-filled photoshoot experience. Under the supervision of cheerful and qualified photographers, let your little darling loose in the studio and watch as they make mayhem; having a ball in the process. They grow up so fast so it’s more important than ever to create and capture those special moments at every given opportunity. This experience is picture perfect and the result is certainly one for the family album.

Here's a suggestion:

Picture your little angel as an enchanted fairy or a mystical elf - literally. Combine the skills of a pro phgotographer with some digital magic and you're child will be placed inside a fairytale scene. A 10x8 inch print is included.
From £29 per person from Virgin Experience Days (at time of writing)Learn more

Bump-to-baby photoshoot

Celebrate the birth of a new born baby into this world with a photoshoot designed to capture this memorable time. The Bump to Baby Photoshoot gift experience is a great way to professionally capture the precious time in the last trimester of pregnancy and the first few months of baby’s life. Enjoy two photoshoots showcasing your radiant glowing beauty with a bump and your precious bundle of joy once baby has been born.

Something to consider:

Capture the beauty of pregnancy pre- and post-birth. Head to the studio for a photoshoot of you looking glamorous with your cute bump. Then return after baby is born for his or her first photoshoot. A 5x7 inch print per session is included.
From £29 per person from Buyagift (at time of writing)Learn more°

Boudoir photoshoot for your eyes only

Boudoir Photoshoot

Boudoir (and "Dudoir") sessions prove that anyone can look glamorous and sexy, irrespective of shape and size.

Reveal your inner god or goddess and surprise your significant other – and yourself – in a sizzling, sultry photoshoot. You can bare all or just a little in this tasteful treat, where you’ll look electric and feel fabulous. It’s a fantastic experience that will have you pouting and posing under atmospheric mood lighting, with expert direction from your photographer on how to get that sexy, smouldering look. Whatever your size or shape, this is the perfect confidence booster and a lot of fun to boot. It’s just for your eyes only (you wouldn’t want your parents to see it) and a special secret that’s yours to treasure forever.

It's available for women (boudoir photography), for men ("dudoir" photography), and for couples, and makes a saucy Valentine's Day or wedding anniversary gift. It's tastefully done - no smut here - with glamour placed front and centre.

Fancy heating things up a little? Discover your sultry side and set the studio alight in this red hot photoshoot which will frame you in a whole new light. Not only will you learn how to look good naked, you’ll also feel fantastic and have oodles of fun in the process. Under the expert guidance of your photographer, become a model for a day and pose under soft sensual lighting – creating a sizzling portrait of you at your most alluring. It’s intimate, indulgent and off-the-scale sexy – perfect for him, for you, and for taking your confidence up a notch. The result is simply picture perfect.

How about this?:

Girls, enjoy a makeover before posing for the camera in sensuous positions. The all-female team will help you relax and know how to capture your beauty at its very best. This experience includes five 8x6 inch prints plus the ability to view 15 more in a private online gallery.
From £295 per person from Experience Days (at time of writing)Learn more°

One common issue that arises from photoshoot experiences surrounds the photos themselves. They're normally pretty expensive. You usually get one small print included (or a digital file in some locations) included in the experience, with the option to purchase more. The most common complaint I have seen is that some locations use very pushy sales tactics to try and get you to buy optional photographs. You do not NEED to buy additional prints if you choose not to, but bear in mind the photographer may try to put pressure on you. Also bear in mind that due to copyright restrictions, you can't normally take the digital files to Asda or Tesco and get them printed on the cheap without a copyright release form.

Say cheese! - What You Need To Know

  • WHEN: Sessions take place all year round.
  • WHERE: Photo studios are located right across Britain.
  • WHO: Photoshoots are a great value option for a wide range of people and occasions. They capture a moment in time, either individually, as a couple, or as a group. Different experiences cater for different themes, so some are perfect for kids while others are designed exclusively for adults.
  • OCCASIONS: Photoshoot experiences are versatile so make great birthday and Christmas presents. They are also great as wedding gifts, to celebrate a new baby, or simply because you want a family portrait to pop on the wall. The boudoir photoshoots are designed for your partner's eyes only and show you in provocative clothing and positions. These are ideal for Valentine's Day or quirky anniversary gifts, and come in variants for him, for her, and for couples together.
  • PRICES: The cheapest experiences start from a bargain £10. More expensive experiences typically include larger, or greater quantities of, prints. (correct at the time of writing)

(Photo credit to Pexels; Lightstargod; Gilmanshin; Greyerbaby)


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