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Reckon you’re a little bit Rambo? Get camouflaged up, release your inner demon and go commando in an all shooting, all dodging and diving paintballing experience. Decked out in protective gear and brandishing a semi-automatic paintball weapon, you’ll certainly look and feel the part. But have you got what it takes?

In these all-action antics you’ll find out if you’re a sharp shooter, a Marine-in-the-making, or maybe just yellow-bellied cannon fodder! Regardless, prepare to get splatted and have a bucket load of fun in this rough and ready adventure.

In this awesome paintballing experience you’ll team up and attempt to blast your way through the ‘enemy’s’ defence. On the day you’ll meet your guides and get kitted out ready to do battle. Your instructors are all experienced paintball players and handlers, and will talk you through the activities that lay ahead. Paramount to any action is safety, and strict measures are in place to ensure everyone stays safe and has fun throughout the experience.

The day will often involve several different games across numerous scenarios, typically lasting for 20 minutes each, with various objectives. The team that wins is usually the one with an individual that successfully reaches a specific landmark or obstacle without getting hit.

This is a fun day out but it’s generally not for the faint-hearted! Paintballing is physically demanding and involves plenty of shooting, ducking, and diving, so participants should be reasonably fit and up to the challenge. Everyone is required to wear head-to-toe protective gear, especially goggles to protect the eyes. If you get hit by a flying paintball it can sting a little and will usually leave a bruise.

Experience usually takes place over a full day but this can vary depending on the location.

Note that experiences typically comes with a limited number of paintballs included in the price. After that you will be required to purchase additional bags of paintballs from the venue. The price varies on location but budget around £10 per 100 balls.

Another alternative to this fun day out is Tank Paintballing – a fantastic experience that combines paintballing and tank-driving. The ultimate combat offensive!

If dashing around the woods, rolling in the dirt, and ducking under gunfire sounds like your idea of fun, then bring your size 9s this way. In this adrenalin-pumping paintball adventure you’ll pit your wits against the ‘enemy’ and prepare to get colourful in combat-style scenarios where strategy, shooting and splatting your mates is the name of the game. Think you’ve got what it takes? Then armour up, lock ‘n load, and get ready to do battle. You’ll certainly have a (paint)ball!

Aim and fire! - What You Need To Know

  • WHEN: Events take place throughout the year. The experience will normally go ahead in all weather conditions so remember to dress accordingly.
  • WHERE: Paintballing takes place nationwide.
  • WHO: Adrenaline-junkies will love the opportunity to duck, dive, and do battle. This is not an experience for your nan. It takes a lot of determination to conquer the battle taking the minimum of shots to your body.
  • OCCASIONS: This would make a good birthday or Christmas present for anyone with an interest in warfare. However, it's most popular amongst groups of mates and amongst stag and hen groups, thanks to the sport's competitive nature.
  • PRICES: Paintballing experiences start from a very pocket-friendly £10 although do check the length of time and number of paintballs included. Some experiences only have few paintballs included so more inevitably have to be purchased at the venue to keep playing. (correct at the time of writing)

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