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Hello! I’m David and Proper Presents is the name of my unique gift ideas blog. I promise you'll only find the very best gifts I would consider buying myself.

Instead of writing about cheap gifts or tacky gadgets, I only look at products that amaze, excite, or satisfy. You’ll find a wide range of once-in-a-lifetime experience days, tantalising foodie subscription gifts, as well as interesting gifts and gadgets. I try to cover a wide range of options so there’s something for everyone here. Rest assured, you won’t find cheap and tacky ideas here. All you will find are proper presents for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or seasonal events such as Christmas.

New: Check out Transport Experiences, a one-stop destination for thrill-seekers and transport enthusiasts, providing an array of exhilarating hands-on experiences with an exciting range of heavy vehicles, trains, and aircraft.


About Me

Hi, I'm David. I love finding unique gift ideas, so decided to blog about the best ones here. You won't find junk or tacky products here - I'm only interested in proper presents worth giving (and receiving).

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Experience more this year

When it comes to shopping, more of us are investing our hard-earned cash on experiences than material goods. We're a nation of shoppers that love to be entertained. So it makes sense to treat yourself to a fun experience and you can't go wrong with these top options.


Look Glamorous With These Top Beauty Experiences

Does your wardrobe ever leave you feeling frumpy? Do your makeup skills leave a lot to be desired? Tired of the same old fragrances? Fancy a refresh? There’s a range of experiences for men and women who want to pick up some new skills to look smell their best, look the part, and feel fabulous.

Become a coffee barista Skills

Ultimate Tea And Coffee Lovers Experiences

Tea and coffee, the staples of our everyday diets, the hot beverages we just cannot do without, that get us through the day from waking to bedtime and everything in between (although too close to bedtime might not be the greatest of ideas…).

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Sizzling Gift Ideas

Racing a Piaggio Ape Driving

10 Totally Wacky (But Awesome) Driving Experiences

So you’re looking for a driving-themed gift but want something a little bit weird and a little bit wacky. You’ve looked at supercar racing and thought that’s fun but it’s not bonkers enough.

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Rally racing Driving

Take Off-Roading To The Next Level, Rallying

Release your road rage and watch the dirt fly as you make like Colin McRae and master the art of rally driving – one of the most thrilling and hair-raising driving experiences around.

Ferrari Supercar Driving

You’re Never Too Young To Start Driving

Heard the one about kids driving supercars? No, really. This is a genuine opportunity that’s guaranteed to be the talk of the playground. Let your kids loose in a Lamborghini, watch them fire up a Ferrari or treat them to a thrilling rally-driving experience.

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