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Segway Rally

Seg-what? If you’re not yet acquainted with these self-balancing two-wheeled scooters, it’s time to introduce yourself. Because they’re catching on fast. So fast that they’re now starring in their very own fun-filled day out – the Segway rally experience! Prepare for laughs aplenty as you learn the ropes, master the controls and scoot around a challenging off-road course. You’ll even have a crack at Segway racing. These clean, green machines give off zero emissions, so you won’t harbour any eco guilt either. Hop on, hold tight and have some serious Segway fun!

Segway rally

The Segway rally experience is the perfect chance to get to grips with this unique method of transportation. Riders accelerate and brake by leaning forward or backwards on the handlebars, which is picked up by the vehicle via gyroscopic sensors. Once you get the hang of it, the result is a smooth ride that has been likened to a hovering sensation.

You'll get acquainted with your Segway and undergo a training session before it’s time for a group excursion, in which you’ll practise your new found riding skills and familiarise yourself with the area. Then it’s time to take on the Segway rally circuit!

Fancy taking the road less travelled? Try rallying on for size – Segway style. Hop on the transport of the future and get Segway savvy in this fun-filled day out with a difference. Designed to be as tough, ready, and rugged as the very terrain you’re tackling, these rambling self-balancing machines can scoot up hill and down dale, splash through puddles and weave here or there with ease. Master your own two-wheeler and set off on an off-road adventure to remember. Let the good times roll!

A Convenient Segue - What You Need To Know

  • WHEN: Segway rallying and tours take place throughout the year, usually on selected dates. Events normally go ahead in most conditions but in the event of extreme weather that would make riding dangerous, the experience may be postponed.
  • WHERE: Events take place nationwide.
  • WHO: Anyone with a sense of adventure will love this experience. You don't need to be a seasoned pro to have a go, and while the thought of balancing this two-wheeled gadget might seem daunting, it's a doddle and anyone can do it.
  • OCCASIONS: Segway racing is a fun experience and is ideal for giving as a birthday or Christmas present. It's also a good Father's Day or Mother's Day idea.
  • PRICES: Have a go on a Segway for around £20 each. Longer tours can stretch up to around £90 per person. Segway rallying or Segway riding is often bundled together with motor-sport experiences, so you can take advantage of the two activities on the same day for one price, starting from around £70 a head. (correct at the time of writing)

Segway rally review

I booked Segway Rallying for July in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, as I banked on better weather than the only other date available in October. How wrong I was.

I arrived at the National Diving & Activity Centre (NDAC) on the outskirts of Chepstow for a 7pm start, trudging through the torrential rain. The event was at the end of a particularly soggy week , even by Welsh standards, and I half-expected the event to be postponed.

But no. A 'little' rain wasn't enough to stop play. So I donned my safety gear and took to my Segway x2 model. This off-road version of the Segway i2 offers a wider footprint, has chunky tyres to help grip the surface better and features more torque than the city version. While the Segway x2 can travel speeds of up to 12½ miles an hour, it was limited on this experience to 7 miles per hour, though the only time I noticed was on the relay races.

Racing a Segway

Look at me go! Here's me in the rain tackling the muddy off-road course on a Segway x2

The first group activity was designed to ease us into basic manoeuvres on a gravelled area. We travelled in a circle weaving in and out of cones to perfect our handling in a short space of time. We were given commands such as 'stop' and 'pivot' to get used to how the Segway handled.

Next it was on to the main experience – off road rallying. A muddy trail track had been set up with corners lumps, bumps, hills and thank to the rain several muddy puddle to splash through. As a group we were led around the track for the first lap so we could get a feel of the layout before we were allowed to race around at our own paces.

It’s hard to count how many laps we achieved but I reckon it was close to 20, largely thanks to a small group size and plenty of machines.

We started off being all dainty and trying to stay clean but by the end the competitive spirit and adrenaline was flowing and puddles were our number one target!

At the end of the experience we had a bit of spare time for a couple of bonus races back on the gravel. The first was a relay race. Each team raced through slaloms before racing straight back, tagging the next person to do the same.  The next race was more to do with skill, reversing through the slaloms to the end of the course and racing (forward).  The final race was a slalom around the cones to a point, then a case of throwing frisbees at a target while balanced on the Segway.

This is a great fun-packed experience suitable for all ages and abilities. Expect to get wet and muddy if the weather isn’t on your side but expect plenty of fun too. The Segway is a great mode of transport and as it’s illegal to use a Segway on the public highway in the UK then Segway Rally experiences are the best way to try this out safely and legally.

Here's a suggestion:

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Segway Rally Review
  • Fun factor
  • Adrenaline rush
  • Value for money


In a very wet location in Wales, I took on a Segway – and won! The off-road version is chunkier and more rugged than the city version I was familiar with, and glided around the muddy track with ease. This was a fun experience I would happily do again, although drier weather would be nice next time, Mother Nature.

Disclosure: Into The Blue supplied two tickets for Segway Racing in Chepstow. I paid for transport to and from the venue. My opinions are my own.


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