Take Off-Roading To The Next Level, Rallying

Rally racing

Release your road rage and watch the dirt fly as you make like Colin McRae and master the art of rally driving – one of the most thrilling and hair-raising driving experiences around. This off-road spectacular will see you get behind the wheel of a finely tuned rally car to learn high speed control and key skills such as power slides, wheel spins and skid oversteer and understeer. No amount of doughnuts or handbrake turns in your local supermarket car park will prepare you for this – it’s fast, furious and perfect for petrol heads.


Hop into the driving seat of a performance rally car with one-on-one tuition from a qualified pro instructor, who will teach you how to maintain control at high speeds as well as perform key skills on the track. Compact taster sessions usually include tuition and a chance to try out your new-found skills on the track, while more involved sessions will include several laps of the track and a final timed assessment.

Many experiences also offer the chance to sit alongside your instructor and enjoy a thrilling high-speed passenger ride, where you can savour first-hand the experience of travelling at competition speeds and watch your driver demonstrate how to take on twists and turns at terrifying velocity.

A junior rally driving experience gives children (usually aged 12 and over) the opportunity to take the wheel alongside a qualified instructor, who will teach them the art of rally driving in a fun and safe environment.

Rally driving is raw, rowdy and terrifyingly real. Realise your childhood dreams and learn the intricate secrets of the track, mastering the art of off-road driving over challenging terrain. This is not for the faint-hearted but if you think you’ve got what it takes, this is the chance of a lifetime that will get you behind the wheel of a serious mean machine where you can experience the thrill of extreme driving at its heart-racing best. Demon drivers need only apply.

Try this one:

Put two rally cars through their paces on a mixed material surface in Leicestershire or North Yorkshire. You'll typically have a go in a front-wheel-drive rally car and in a rear-wheel-drive car.
From £119 per person from Activity Superstore (at time of writing)Learn more


A buggy is a new and exciting mode of transport that I'm sure you must be dying to try out. This is a truly unique experience that you will never forget – get into one of these incredible vehicles and feel the difference straight away! Whether you’re an expert in the art of off road driving, or you’ve never taken the plunge before, the buggy is not going to be a problem for you – instinctive to drive and with the maximum safety equipment (roll bars and support cages) installed, you can really go to town with your driving, and always be in safe hands.

You’ll be amazed at how much fun driving one of these buggies can be – they really pack a powerful punch, and your adrenalin levels will be way up in the clouds! You will hardly be able to believe that you drove that buggy round that course.

This is the perfect day out for anyone who is bored with the usual driving experiences – if they’re fed up with cars and motorcycles, this is the next thing for them. Something truly different that they will want to tell all their friends about, the buggy is definitely the way forward. Why not give this experience day as a special birthday gift for the speed demon in your life? Unforgettable and just for them. Or enjoy a different sort of Valentine’s Day or anniversary – make the day for two and exchange chocolate and flowers for something a little more speedy! Whatever your reason for trying the buggy, you’ll be pleased you did. You’ll want to go back. You’ll want to do it all again.

A top choice:

Enjoy a full day on a Forster Racing Rage Buggy experience near Chichester, West Sussex. Achieving 0-60 in 4 seconds, these are zippy beasts. Practice and perfect your buggy skills in a controlled environment and push it -and you - to the max.
From £310 per person from Experience Days (at time of writing)Learn more°

Quad biking

Find out what all the four-wheeled fuss is about in this fabulous quad bike driving experience. First get a feel for your little motor by steering around a marked circuit and learning the ropes from your quad instructor. Then when it’s time for graduation, that’s when the fun really starts. Let rip on a quad safari and find out what these pocket rockets can really do as you whiz through the woods, splash through water, bomb up hills, and charge down dales. It’s a magnificently muddy experience that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

The make and model may vary but typically includes models such as the Honda 250ES, Sportrax 90s, or New Force 150cc all-terrain quads.

If you’re never happier than when you’re racing around, getting filthy and letting the dirt fly, this quad bike driving experience is for you. These mini machines might look innocuous enough but they certainly punch well above their weight. Like go-karts for grown-ups, quad bikes are nippy and nimble; perfect for zipping around and racing across rough and ready terrain. Learn the ropes on a gentle course before heading off for the quad’s playground – where steep angles, wooded tracks and watery troughs are all in a day’s work. If you love outdoor fun, this is one earthy experience that certainly packs a punch.

Food for thought:

Head to woods near Tenby, Pembrokeshire, for quad bike safari on a 250cc geared Suzuki. Tackle a series of challenging terrains along the way.
From £65 per person from Red Letter Days (at time of writing)Learn more°

Muddy Great Fun - What You Need To Know

  • WHEN: Experiences take place on selected dates year-round. Even though these are outdoor events, they tend to go ahead in most weather (the muddier, the better, right?).
  • WHERE: Rallying takes place at venues across the land.
  • WHO: If you have a need for speed but don't fancy zipping around a track in a supercar, look no further than rallying. The next level up from 4x4 off-roading, these extreme motorsport is full of thrills. It's perfect for rally fans and petrolheads with a sense of adventure.
  • OCCASIONS: Make it a birthday or Christmas to remember with a rallying experience. The wacky buggy experiences are great to give as a quirky gift.
  • PRICES: Buggies tend to start from around £30 per person, with quad biking weighing in at just a little more. Expect to pay upwards of £60 for a rally car experience. Rallying is often combined with other experiences such as quad biking, so keep an eye out for these convenient two-in-one sessions. (correct at the time of writing)

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