Helicopter Sightseeing Tour Sightseeing

The Best Helicopter Sightseeing Tours from Cornwall to Scotland

As experiences go, helicopter flights are the new black. What could be better than going for a spin in one of the coolest crafts around? Kick back in style as you’re whisked onto cloud nine, soaring over patchwork fields, picking out famous landmarks and nosing into back gardens.

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Become a coffee barista Skills

Ultimate Tea And Coffee Lovers Experiences

Tea and coffee, the staples of our everyday diets, the hot beverages we just cannot do without, that get us through the day from waking to bedtime and everything in between (although too close to bedtime might not be the greatest of ideas…).

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London Helicopter Flight Sightseeing

My Helicopter Flight Over London

Paris has romance, Belgium has chocolate-box appeal and Amsterdam has pretty much anything you could ever wish for. And London? Probably one of the best cityscapes in the world, with some pretty awesome buildings to boot.

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Zombie experience day Adrenaline

Seriously Creepy Zombie Experiences

You can never be too prepared for an imminent zombie attack. So it’s probably a good thing that there’s a range of experience days where you can learn armed combat skills to defend yourself should these creepy creatures attack civilisation as we know it.

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Water fountain Relaxation

Top Spa Breaks For Couples

I don’t know about you, but I could probably benefit from back-to-back spa breaks for the next ten years. Modern life is pretty stressful. Spa breaks are a great way to combine a short break with some much-deserved TLC.

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Massage Relaxation

Mini Spa Treatments For Busy People

I can wholeheartedly say that my first massage experience was definitely memorable. A petite Filipino lady led me into a compact treatment room for a reflexology massage. I had pounded the streets for days so was in desperate need of respite.

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Amsterdam Royal Opera Short Break

Mini Cruise To Amsterdam

Amsterdam. It’s a cultural magnet, it’s on the doorstep, and is just an overnight sailing away. So why wouldn’t you enjoy a short break to the Dutch capital? You’re spoilt for choices when you get there.

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High Tea Relaxation

The Best Afternoon Tea Experiences in the Land

Grab a slice of the action and tuck in to a deliciously decadent afternoon tea. There’s no better way to spend a leisurely afternoon than in the company of your favourite person and faced with a tower of home-made cakes, fluffy scones, and sticky pastries.

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JCB Digger Racing Driving

I Tried The Utterly Bonkers JCB Digger Racing Experience

For some muddy good fun, look no further than digger racing. Some bright spark looked at these 8-tonne monster machines and thought “hey, they’d be great to race” – and they were right! This is a downright quirky experience and it delivers fun in bucketfuls.

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Orchestra Culture

It’s Summer – Time To Enjoy A Classical Proms Concert

Grab your handbags and glad-rags, bring a picnic and enjoy an evening of top-notch classical music in this superb Summer concert experience. They say there’s nothing wrong with a little sax and violins from time to time, and I wholeheartedly agree.

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