Secret Agent Spy Skills

Become A Spy Or Test Your Logic Skills In An Escape Room

Ever fancied yourself a spy in the making? Then this is your chance to go from zero to hero. Tap into the world of spies and secret agents, get clued up, and learn everything you need to know about going undercover, handling weaponry, and surveillance tactics.

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Look Glamorous With These Top Beauty Experiences

Does your wardrobe ever leave you feeling frumpy? Do your makeup skills leave a lot to be desired? Tired of the same old fragrances? Fancy a refresh? There’s a range of experiences for men and women who want to pick up some new skills to look smell their best, look the part, and feel fabulous.

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Helicopter and light aircraft Sightseeing

Soar Across The Sky Flying A Plane Or Helicopter

Fancy earning your stripes? Then climb aboard and become master and commander of the sky in a thrilling light aircraft pilot flying experience. Choose from locations all over the UK and such favourites as the Cessna or Piper, and enjoy a flight of fancy complete with stunning countryside views.

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