Eiffel Tower, Paris Sightseeing

Head To Paris And Explore The City Of Love

Ditch the doldrums, escape the British weather, and inject a little “ooh la la” into your life with a trip to one of Europe’s sizzling hotspots. Just a mere two hours from London is the capital of love, Paris.

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Paprika Polenta Balls with Parmesan Cheese Dining

Enjoy Posh Nosh With A Meal For Two

Between a high pressure job, the kids, and daily life, finding five minutes peace a quiet can be hard work. That’s when a romantic meal for two can be a welcomed treat. Book a babysitter and head off to a restaurant, pub or tavern and enjoy a delicious meal cooked by someone else.

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Movie Clapper Board Sightseeing

Spot Famous Movie And TV Filming Locations

We all love TV – from iconic moments to scripts we can all recite perfectly, whether it’s comedy, drama, crime, or something scary, it’s a ritual that is enjoyed by all ages and all interests; that moment when it’s time to switch the TV on and relax.

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Capture The Moment With A Photoshoot

Picture this: Treat yourself or your loved one to the star treatment with this photoshoot experience that’s all lights, action and camera. Enjoy a sizzling beauty makeover which will leave you looking and feeling every bit the supermodel.

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Skydiving Adrenaline

Feel The Rush, Skydiving

Think you’ve got what it takes to leap out of a plane? Ready to take the plunge, feel the wind in your face and scream like a banshee? Then try a skydiving experience on for size.

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Passenger jet cockpit Flying

Forget Bedroom Games. Try This Real-World Flight Simulator

Fly into the virtual blue with this passenger jet flight simulator experience and learn how to ‘fly’ an airliner. Yes, really. Step into the cockpit of a real training simulator and experience the thrill of becoming captain and commander in the likes of a Boeing 737.

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JCB 3CX Driving

Can You Dig It? Yes, In This Digger Driving Experience!

If you’ve ever wanted to move mountains, now’s your chance. Take the driving seat in a mammoth excavator, crank up the power, and feel the earth move in more ways than one as you dig, dump and bulldoze your way around this unforgettable experience.

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