Waves Adrenaline

Get Wet And Wild, Coasteering Or Canyoning

Love the outdoors but find it a tad boring? Coasteering, canyoning, and gorge walking aims to change that. In these experiences you’ll jump off cliffs, swim in choppy waters, navigate waterfalls, and slide down natural flumes. It’s all about having fun in the great outdoors.

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Bungee Jumping Adrenaline

Be Brave And Take The Leap Bungee Jumping

Daredevils and adrenalin junkies take note: if you love eye-watering speed, great views and feeling the wind in your face, a bungee jump is for you. Reach towering heights before taking a leap of faith and launching yourself into the abyss.

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Feeling Brave? Take On These Adventure Sports

Scale a mammoth wall or abseil from a dizzying height. Tackle an aerial obstacle course high up in the tree canopy. Strap yourself on a high speed zip wire and feel the wind soar by as you hurtle along. Duck, dive, run, jump, hop, and leap seamlessly as you practice parkour freerunning.

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Paintballing Adrenaline

Blow Off Some Steam And Go Paintballing

Reckon you’re a little bit Rambo? Get camouflaged up, release your inner demon and go commando in an all shooting, all dodging and diving paintballing experience. Decked out in protective gear and brandishing a semi-automatic paintball weapon, you’ll certainly look and feel the part.

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Skydiving Adrenaline

Feel The Rush, Skydiving

Think you’ve got what it takes to leap out of a plane? Ready to take the plunge, feel the wind in your face and scream like a banshee? Then try a skydiving experience on for size.

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Zombie experience day Adrenaline

Seriously Creepy Zombie Experiences

You can never be too prepared for an imminent zombie attack. So it’s probably a good thing that there’s a range of experience days where you can learn armed combat skills to defend yourself should these creepy creatures attack civilisation as we know it.

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