Look Glamorous With These Top Beauty Experiences

Does your wardrobe ever leave you feeling frumpy? Do your makeup skills leave a lot to be desired? Tired of the same old fragrances? Fancy a refresh?

There's a range of experiences for men and women who want to pick up some new skills to look smell their best, look the part, and feel fabulous.

Personal stylist

If you own shoulder pads, a velour tracksuit or anything with a tie-dye pattern, it’s high time you called in a professional stylist. ‘Fashion’ and ‘faux pas’ are usually found in the same sentence, and everyone has suffered a wardrobe blunder at some point. So ditch the last decade, give your wardrobe a detox and get with the now! There’s no more hiding behind the layers. In this Trinny-and-Susannah-style makeover you’ll uncover your true shape (‘pears’ are more than just fruit) – helping you to transform your look, discover the hidden you and most importantly, dress to kill!

You'll have the chance to identify which styles best enhance your features and shape from a professional stylist, and to understand the reasons why – helping you to make more informed decisions and better purchases in future! Learn how to balance your outfit and dress to impress with advice on accessories, necklines, hairstyle and cosmetics.

Nothing to wear? Stuck in the 80s? Bum look big in everything? Then it’s time to release your inner diva and reveal the ‘new you’. From apple to hourglass, uncover your true shape in this makeover experience which will restyle, reorganise and revamp your wardrobe. Discover your best features and learn how to flatter your shape with the right clothes, necklines and accessories from your own collection, or in a West End shopping spree. Using the tricks of the trade, your stylist will give you the tools for a top to toe transformation that will leave you looking and feeling tip-top.

Food for thought:

Calling all guys - head to Ealing, London, where you'll work with a professional stylist who will offer their straightforward and unbiased advice on looking your best. Perfect if you're trying for a new look or you want to dress to impress.
From £199 per person from Buyagift (at time of writing)Learn more°

Makeup lessons

Not everyone can make themselves up flawlessly, ready for a special event or exciting night out. For some, it takes time and effort. For some, it’s easier not to bother than to go through the rigmarole of blusher and concealer and mascara and lipstick and… what else? With a make-up lesson, you can find out the secrets you need to know to get that stunningly made up face that you’ve been craving. Learn the techniques that some girls just seem to have been born with, and you’ll soon be looking your absolute best!

Have a full consultation and learn what colours and shades suit your skin. You’ll be taught how to apply the products, and the best way to ensure that they always looks amazing. Ask questions and your expert make up artist will give you all the answers – you’ll learn so much throughout the day! Once you have learned the basics (and the not so basics!) you’ll feel so much more confident, and happy to add make up to your daily routine. See how good you feel when you look in the mirror and see a whole new face staring back at you!

Something to consider:

Fancy a celebrity makeup masterclass? Head to London Beauty Artists in Covent Garden where you'll learn a multitude of tips and skills to take your make-up to the next level.
From £29.99 per person from Virgin Experience Days (at time of writing)Learn more

Design your own fragrance

Ah, the sweet smell of success! That’s the scent you’ll be wearing after you enjoy one of the many different 'Make Your Own Perfume' experiences on offer! Whether you are a complete beginner or someone who can smell the scent of stunning perfumes at one hundred paces, there is something to suit you here. Immerse yourself in the gorgeous array of beautiful and delicate smells, and learn about the aspects of perfume making you had never even considered before.

Get to grips with the different oils and fragrances to create your own unique perfume. Your knowledgable tutor will be on hand to help you if you’re not sure what’s what.

Try this for size:

Create a bespoke perfume and take home a 20ml bottle with the Platinum Perfume Making Experience. Choose from 21 unique scents to create a blend that suits you.
From £49 per person from Experience Days (at time of writing)Learn more°

Personal shopper

Learn how to step out in style and put your most fashionable foot forward with the help of a personal shopper. Get professional help on picking out the right style, shape and size to match your profile and your persona, and pick up useful tips on how to flatter your figure with the latest trends and accessories. Get the look, let your true curves shine through and feel fabulous in this unique and personal experience that’s all about you, darling!

Revamp your look, flatter your figure and whip your wardrobe into shape with the help of your shopping saviour. Learn how to transform your look and dress to impress in this absolutely fabulous experience, which is perfect for shopaholics, fashion failures and desperados everywhere. Armed with your personal shopper, you’ll discover how to flaunt your form and accentuate your best assets through specific styles and shapes. No more dodgy drapes or clashing catastrophes for you. It’s time to get the look, dress to kill, look good and, most importantly, feel great!

Try this one:

What's better than a trip to John Lewis? How about having £225 to spend in-store plus the services of an experienced John Lewis Personal Shopper to hand? Begin with a private consultation over tea or coffee and a pastry and discuss your ideas with the stylist. Then head out to the shop-floor and shop for fashion and beauty items to buy. This is available at selected John Lewis stores nationwide.
From £250 per person from Red Letter Days (at time of writing)Learn more°

Look Fabulous, Darling! - What You Need To Know

  • WHEN: Experiences take place all year round.
  • WHERE: Experiences take place at locations nationwide. Personal shopping experiences usually take place at high street department stores located in major cities across the country.
  • WHO: Experience are open to both males and females and are perfect for anyone who needs or fancies an update, either to themselves or their wardrobes.
  • OCCASIONS: Beauty experiences are a wonderful gift for anyone who deserves some extra special pampering. They are tailored to individual tastes and preferences so make a great birthday or Christmas gift. They're also good options for bridal showers or quirky hen night events.
  • PRICES: Create your own fragrance from as little as around £30 per person. Makeup lessons are a smidge more and start from around £35. Personal stylist and personal shopping experiences start from around £140 per person. Some of the pricier of these experiences includes a spending allowance built into the cost. (correct at the time of writing)

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