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Become a coffee barista

Tea and coffee, the staples of our everyday diets, the hot beverages we just cannot do without, that get us through the day from waking to bedtime and everything in between (although too close to bedtime might not be the greatest of ideas…).

But just how much do we really know about our favourite drinks? We might have a fair idea of where they come from, and what they taste like, but apart from that, do we know anything? Wouldn't it be great to find out a little more and to understand about the origins of our speciality drinks?

With the tea and coffee connoisseur experience days, you'll have the opportunity to find out so much more than you ever thought possible when it comes to tea and coffee. And you'll learn it not just by listening to industry experts, but by tasting, smelling, and making the drinks yourself!

Tea mixology

Tea leaves

Little beats a good cuppa, but do you know the effort that goes into producing tea?

Tea is perhaps the most traditional of British hot drinks, but for many where it comes from and how it becomes the delicious drink we all know and love is a mystery. This won't be the case for you once you try the tea tasting and blending experience. Head on a tea mixology experience to gain a great, fascinating insight into what makes your favourite brew top notch.

You will learn how to identify different types of tea, ranging from the everyday to the more exotic - that's most people's favourite part because it's all about the tasting now! And to round off the perfect tea based day, you will be able to blend your own personal type of tea, perfect for something absolutely unique and just for you!

Tea blending - What You Need To Know

  • WHEN: This is usually available on selected days and the experience lasts around two to three hours or so.
  • WHERE: Bristol, London, and Brighton (East Sussex)
  • WHO: This experience is a great gift idea for the tea enthusiast in your life. If they appreciate a good brew, they will appreciate the opportunity to learn more about this simple-looking British store cupboard staple.
  • OCCASIONS: Learn about tea is certainly an unusual gift idea and so is best saved as a birthday or Christmas present.
  • PRICES: Expect to pay around £50 to £75 for this informative experience. (correct at the time of writing)

Top Pick: Tea Tasting and Blending with Alex Probyn at The Langham Hotel

Alex Probyn is a Master Tea Blender and what he doesn't know about really isn't worth knowing. He's provide an insight into the world of tea and will offer tastings of up to 20 different sorts of tea. Expect to learn about its history, production, and the skills required for blending. Also expect to take some tea home too.

From £75 from Buyagift (at time of writing)Learn more°

Become a barista

Coffee beans

Crafting the perfect espresso starts with the right choice of coffee beans

If coffee is the drink for you, take part in a barista training day. Learn how to make the ultimate cup of steaming, milky coffee just the way you like it! You'll never want anyone else to do it for you again once you master the art of whipping up the perfect latte or cappuccino.

You will be shown how all of the equipment works, and how to get the best taste out of the beans. The basis of most coffee drinks is the ultimate espresso, and that’s your first task – once you’ve mastered that, you can move on to any other type of drink.

Why not go one step further and learn how to make your coffee into a work of art – latte art is the new and impressive skill all baristas want to have!

So sit back, drink up, and soak in all the knowledge that is coming your way… These tea and coffee experiences are the perfect gifts for those who love a daily brew and want to know more.

Barista training - What You Need To Know

  • WHEN: This is usually available on weekdays and the experience lasts around three hours or so.
  • WHERE: Basingstoke (Hampshire)
  • WHO: Anyone who prances around their coffee machine at home shouting out 'skinny-mocha-lotta-frappa-delicious-chino' will love the opportunity to release their inner barista.
  • OCCASIONS: This experience makes for a quirky birthday or Christmas present for coffee addicts.
  • PRICES: Expect to pay around £60 for this coffee lovers experience. (correct at the time of writing)

Top Pick: Coffee Barista Taster Course

Learn the tricks of the trade from an expert resident barista. You'll learn the secrets that go into making the perfect coffee, and how to tell a a cappuccino from a latte. You'll also learn how to make the scrummy foam on the top of these drinks. Expect talks, demonstrations, and hands-on coffee making time. You'll even learn how to take care of a coffee machine. If you're lucky, when availability allows, there's a tour of the roasting room to see the production process in action.

From £60 from Red Letter Days (at time of writing)Learn more°

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