Enjoy Ye Olde Medieval Banquet And Other Such Merriment

Medieval banquet

History buffs love nothing more than fully immersing themselves in their favourite era, learning all they can about the time they love, and then acting on it whenever possible. It’s not always appropriate, of course, especially if the time they have chosen happens to be medieval!

All that jousting and carousing, it’s just not the done thing… Or is it?

Medieval banquet

With one of the fantastically authentic medieval banquet experiences on offer, your medieval fantasy could well become reality!

There are a number of venues around the country to choose from for your amazing medieval experience. One is St Katherine Docks in London. Not normally known for rowdy crowd pleasing, this lovely part of town is a bit of a hidden gem, tucked away, peaceful, and pretty. It might be surprising that it is here that you can become part of medieval history, but it’s true! Just look into the history of the place and you’ll discover its links to the Knights of Portsoken…

Step inside the venue and the modern outside world will fall away as a costumed wench shows you to your table. Get settled in and enjoy the evening’s entertainment of contortionists, re-enactments, jesters, and sing-alongs (with dancing wenches!)! Lasting for over three hours, this is a fantastic opportunity to really get into the past and understand a little more about what made it so exciting!

To make the evening even better, you’ll be able to enjoy a succulent four-course meal during the entertainment – just like in medieval times! All the food is fresh and prepared on the day, so you’re in for a treat. As for drinks, with unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks, your only job is to enjoy yourself (and join in, it makes it even more fun!)!

Fancy trying all of the above in an historic country setting? Absolutely! Medieval banquet experiences are also available at Coombe Abbey in Warwickshire (a county famed for its medieval history), or Ruthin Castle in Wales. You’ll also have the chance to explore the castle and abbey during your visit, and who knows what (or who!) you’ll discover there! Chat to the costumed staff and learn more than you thought possible for one evening out!

Here's a suggestion:

Grab a friend or partner and enjoy a Medieval Banquet in St. Katherine Docks, London. You'll feast upon a delicious four-course meal with unlimited ale and wine on tap. Expect costumed staff (and fellow guests), medieval entertainment, and a disco.
From £99 for two from Virgin Experience Days (at time of writing)Learn more

Medieval jousting

Got a bit of knight fever? Then saddle up and prepare for a truly hoof-pounding, heart-pumping thrill in this medieval jousting experience. It’s all shining armour, shields, and sturdy steeds as you climb onboard and learn how to joust like the days of old. There’s no fight to the death, but you’ll still get to take the reins and master a lance, flag and shield from horseback. Practice on a quintaine – a spinning target – and learn such techniques as riding one-handed and neck-reining. You’ll get kitted out in medieval costumes and practice your new-found skills in a lively tournament. Will you beat the neigh-sayers to win the day?

The Medieval Jousting experience is a fun-packed day out for anyone who fancies a spot of good-natured jousting or medieval sports. Even novice riders are welcome as the experience will include a riding lesson and participants will be suitably matched to the right horse. The day starts with an introduction to jousting and a briefing, then participants will be kitted out in medieval attire before undergoing a riding assessment to determine their level of skill.

Then it’s time to get acquainted with the various tactics of war and learn horsemanship skills such as neck-reining, get to grips with using a flag, lance and shield, and take part in various other activities such as broad sword and quarterstaff fighting. You’ll practice your jousting techniques on a spinning quintaine (target) and then it’s time to put it all together for a choreographed fight sequence complete with medieval costumes.

Fancy doing something a little… different? Then step back in time and get armoured up for a spot of medieval jousting – shields, swords, lances and all! Get on your high horse and learn the key tips and tricks of battle, from neck-reining to flagging, before trying out your talent for targets on a spinning quintaine. Then you’ll have the chance to master the broad sword and try your hand at quarterstaff fighting in a series of thrilling training sessions. This is certainly no ordinary day out. Will you rise to the challenge and become the knight in shining armour?

How about this?:

Try Medieval Jousting in Warwickshire. You'll learn about its history, pick up basic skills, and dress in Medieval costume and armour. You'll even have your own title and coat of arms for the day. Learn a choreographed sword fight and longbow challenge. In the afternoon you'll split into teams for the Gauntlet Challenge where you'll practice your skills before trying to unseat the Black Knight in a mini joust to gain your knighthood!
From £175 per person from Into The Blue (at time of writing)Learn more°

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! - What You Need To Know

  • WHEN: Events take place on selected dates across the year.
  • WHERE: Locations vary, but most experiences are in London, Warwickshire, or North Wales.
  • WHO: Who wouldn’t love this? It's absolutely different and completely memorable. Dress in your favourite Medieval costume (what do you mean you don't have one?) and feast in style, or try your hand at jousting.
  • OCCASIONS: These ideas are perfect for a birthday treat, a Christmas present, or a group event.
  • PRICES: Expect to pay around £50 a head for a Medieval banquet, while jousting typically costs around £200 each. (correct at the time of writing)

(Photo credit to Virgin Experience Days / Medieval Banquet London)


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