Brush Up Your Pole Dancing And Salsa Skills With Dance Lessons

Argentine Tango

There are times when dancing the night away sounds like the best idea in the world. The music is playing, the beat is making you tap your feet, the atmosphere is electric, and you could just see yourself up on the dance floor, wowing everyone with your groovy moves! But what usually happens? Do you make it to the dance floor only to bop back and forth for a while and then rush to sit down again, glad when the song is over? Or perhaps you don’t make it up there at all, and just imagine how wonderful it would be if you knew how to stop having two left feet

With the wonderful and varied introductory dance lessons on offer, it won’t be long before you’ve got the skills and confidence you need to be the star attraction and impress everyone in the room with your grace, your style, your poise, and your rhythm!

If you’re looking for a particular style of dance, you'll find it here. From tango to ballroom, salsa to club dancing, even from pole dancing and belly-dancing, there’s something for everyone and every occasion. Perhaps you’d rather try a variety of styles and see which one suits before committing to more classes? No problem! That’s where the great taster lessons (for adults and kids) come in. Try your hand (and feet) at a combination of styles and find the one that makes you feel good!

And if you’re nervous about that all important first dance with your new husband or wife, there’s an experience for that too! Learn exactly how to move to the music and make your first dance as a married couple something to remember for all the right reasons!

Are you a fan of Strictly or Pineapple Dance Studios? Learn new moves at the places you’ve grown to love through the TV. At either the Karen Hardy Studios, or Pineapple Studios, you’ll get a fantastic opportunity to strut your stuff!

There are some more exotic dances catered for as well. If you’ve ever fancied being fun and flirty with a burlesque experience, or a pole dancing session, then go for it! How about belly dancing? Ideal for shaking off those excess pounds, this dance is sexy and stunning!

Whichever type of dancing your choose, your fabulous instructor will make you feel welcome. Then it’s straight on to the all important warm up. Once the formalities are out of the way, the room is yours and you’ll learn the basics of your favourite steps, how to move on the beat, and how to ensure you have one left foot and one right one!

Two to Tango - What You Need To Know

  • WHEN: Lessons take place on selected days each month.
  • WHERE: Many lessons take place inside the M25 in London. Some of the most flexible vouchers on offer are available at over 500 locations nationwide.
  • WHO: If you're rubbish at dancing and actively avoid any opportunity to take to the dance floor, these classes are perfect. Enjoy an introduction and discover hidden talents. They are great for men and women alike.
  • OCCASIONS: Dance lessons are perfect if you want to brush up on a skill, or discover a new one. They make great birthday and Christmas presents but are also a fun alternative gift for a wedding anniversary. Speaking of weddings, lessons are ideal bridal shower gifts or a gift for the groom who has two left feet. Some experiences cater specifically for children, too.
  • PRICES: Dancing lessons start from around £20 per person. Sessions at prestigious dance schools start incur a premium. Some of the more expensive options consist of multiple lessons, which is great if you live near the venue. (correct at the time of writing)

Top dancing experiences

With many different dancing styles to choose from, picking the best one for you can be tricky. Here's some suggestions that might help.

Introductory Dance Experience for Two

Grab your partner or friend and head to the dance floor. This is one of the most flexible experience vouchers around as it lets you pick from Salsa, Ballroom, Latin American, Tango, Zumba, and Belly Dancing lessons at one of over 500 locations nationwide. It's an introductory lesson so is perfect for first-time dancers.

From £29.99 for two from Virgin Experience Days (at time of writing)Learn more

Private Pole Dancing Lesson

Pole dancing may well be a staple in gentleman's clubs across the world, but the sensual dancing technique is great exercise. Learn some impressive moves without worrying about what anyone thinks in this private class for you and your partner or friend.

From £60 for two from Experience Days (at time of writing)Learn more°

Wedding and First Dance Lessons

There's a lot of pressure to nail that first dance as a married couple. In this experience you'll receive one-on-one tuition with an experienced dance teacher across three 45-minute sessions (or two 60-minute sessions in London) learning a wedding dance to wow your guests. This experience is available at over 500 locations nationwide.

From £215 for two from Into The Blue (at time of writing)Learn more°

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