Top Supercar Driving Experience Days

Ferrari exterior

There's no better gift for petrolheads than a chance to spend some time in one of the world's best supercars. With many to select from, they'll be spoilt for choice.

Supercar driving experiences come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Here's some of the most popular.

Supercar driving experiences

Ariel Atom Driving Experience

Forget Ferrari. Find out what speed means in the Ariel Atom – an underdressed, supercharged two-seater that moves like a bat out of hell. With 300bhp and capable of blasting from 0-60 in 2.7 seconds, this is a big toy with attitude – and you have the chance to drive it. There’s no roof, no doors and no limit. Strap yourself in and find out why Top Gear labelled it a "driving nirvana" – it's all about serious fun with race car dynamics and the type of raw power that most of us can only dream about.

Talk about thrill. Small but perfectly formed, the incredible Atom is a lightweight supercharged road missile that’s nothing short of spectacular. Like a go-kart with attitude, this compact machine has a roaring engine that demands your undivided attention for a heart-pounding experience that’s pure unadulterated fun. Discover mind-blowing acceleration in this extraordinary feat of engineering and the type of paint-blistering speed that whips your breath away. If you like fast, don’t settle for second-best – this is a raw treat with total driver involvement that speed demons will simply relish.

Aston Martin Driving Experience

Aston Martin Badge

Aston Martin has such a rich motoring heritage and is a favourite of the king of cool, James Bond 007

Step into Bond’s shoes and slip behind the wheel of an Aston Martin – a show-stopping supercar that’s smooth, sexy and simply sensational. Synonymous with style, the Aston Martin doesn't compromise beauty with speed – it demands both. This stunning British classic is all elegance and grandeur, yet lurking beneath its sleek curves is a snarling engine that’s full of supercharged thunder. Faster than a speeding ticket, this majestic machine is all business on the track with less debonair and more devil, ready to tear up the tarmac and lap up the bends with relish. Hop in, grab the wheel and get ready for the ultimate driving thrill!

You might not find Eva Green in the passenger seat but when you’re driving an Aston Martin, that’s all that matters. If looks could kill, the Aston would wipe the floor. But don't be fooled – it's not all suave and sophistication. This supercharged classic moves from purr to roar, demure to demonic like flipping a switch. It’s time to strap in and get serious because this is an exhilarating transformation that demands your undivided attention and will push you to your limits. With a license to thrill, the Aston is nothing short of spectacular and will snatch your breath away in a mind-blowing experience that will satisfy your need for speed.

Audi R8 Driving Experience

Audi is synonymous with refinement and precision engineering. You’ll savour all this and much more in the Audi R8 driving experience – but you’ll also get a taste of something else too: pure power. When it comes to thrills, the R8 really knows how it's done. This sensational supercar is a seriously show-stopping spectacle that will satisfy your need for speed. It's got the looks, the muscle, and it really packs a punch on the track. Strap in and push this German masterpiece – as well as yourself – to the limits in an exhilarating experience that’s full-on fun.

If you like fast, don't settle for second-best. Step into the shoes of the super elite and get behind the wheel of a motoring masterpiece – the awesome Audi R8. Savour German engineering at its best as that vivacious, high-velocity V8 engine delivers mind-blowing acceleration, pure power and edge-of-your-seat drama that will push you to your limits. Bring your mettle and prepare to make magnificent memories in this majestic modern classic. You’ll feel like the ultimate Bond villain as you strap in for an exhilarating experience that’s fast, furious and undeniably fabulous.

BMW M3, M4, and i8 Driving Experience

Ah, the open road – fantastic! Speeding along, enjoying the scenery, really pushing the pedal to the metal… There aren’t many places you can safely (and legally!) do that, but when you find them, you’ll be hooked on the feeling of speed, or power, and of excitement! For racing enthusiasts and petrol heads alike (and the two are, of course, not mutually exclusive), a chance to sit in the driving seat of a fast car on a fast track is a perfect dream.

Well with the BMW M3, M4, and i8 Racing Experience Day, that dream can become a reality – a larger than life, louder and anything reality full of revving engines, squealing tyres, and burning rubber! Rip up the road in one of these incredible machines and let your wild side run free!

Ferrari Driving Experience

A supercharged classic that’s all fire and finesse, a Ferrari is like Monica Bellucci on fast-forward: sleek, sexy and super fast. These majestic machines are the epitome of Italian engineering, the pride of F1. And this is your chance to drive one. Step into Schumacher’s shoes and slide behind the wheel of a real Italian stallion for the ultimate driving thrill. Strap in and hold tight as you release the beast and roar around the track in a blur of race red and screeching tyres, where you’ll experience raw power and discover the true meaning of fun – Ferrari style.

Fast, furious and fantastic: that’s Ferrari in a nutshell. Usually reserved for zillionaires or seen zipping around the exclusive streets of Monaco, it’s not every day that you’re in the hot seat experiencing the pride of Pavarotti’s homeland. In this incredible driving thrill you’ll fire up a Ferrari, rev into rapido and tear up the track with the unmistakable sound of supercharged Italian thunder in your ears. All the clichés apply here as quite simply, this is a once-in-a-lifetime drive-of-your-life experience that’s second to none. Unless you come back for seconds of course… or thirds…

Lamborghini Driving Experience

Lamborghini interior

Lamborghini supercars feature slick lines and exquisite interiors that sit atop of beefy engines

Celebrate the season of speed in a real Italian stallion – the legendary Lamborghini. Fast, fiery and full of finesse, this show-stopping supercar makes no excuses. It might look demure and delicate, but underneath its gleaming low-slung bodywork is a satanic speed demon, a roaring supercharged classic that’s raw, ready and raring to go. Straight from the House of the Raging Bull, this majestic machine is all muscle on the track and demands your undivided attention. Hop in, hold tight and unleash the beast to experience pure power in this sensational supercar thrill that’s exhilarating, unforgettable and a whole lot of fun.

Think you know what speed means? Then you haven’t driven a Lamborghini. When you’re behind the wheel, mind-blowing doesn’t even come close. Strap yourself in for a sensational supercar experience that’s all about speed. And power. And refinement. In this spectacular driving thrill you’ll get to take control of this all-power purebred and put it through its paces. It’s perfect for petrol heads, speed demons or anyone who appreciates the finer things in life – so savour your chance to tear up the track, attack the bends and find out what puts the ‘super’ in supercar. This is a thrilling experience and quite simply, it’s driving at its heart-racing best.

Lotus Driving Thrill

Step into the legendary Lotus and discover how this compact supercar, with its featherweight frame and fingertip handling, seems to defy the laws of gravity. The Lotus driving experience really is something else. Small but perfectly formed, experience true driving delight as you strap yourself into a British classic and blast around the track, enjoying agility and attitude with eye watering speed. It’s wickedly fast, refined and full of fun – and promises a raw treat that speed demons will simply relish.

Fancy livin’ la vida Lotus? Appreciate pure power and incredible engineering with this thrilling Lotus driving experience, which puts you in the driving seat of a much-loved British icon. It’s lightweight, underdressed and raring to go, with a roaring engine that will tear up the tarmac at the touch of a pedal. Dashing, daring and just a tad demonic, the lovable Lotus will demand your undivided attention in this heart-pounding experience that’s mind-blowing and bags of fun. If you like to put your foot down and experience total driver involvement, then step this way. The Lotus is waiting.

Nissan GTR Driving Experience

If you like fast, you’ll love this Nissan GTR driving experience. Capable of blistering speeds of up to 193mph, this turbocharged beast certainly knows how to put the fun back into driving. The gutsy GT-R gives you total driver involvement at its heart-racing best; a modern supercar that will tear up the track and deliver driving thrills like you’ve never experienced before. Get ready to GT-Roar your way around the track in this supercar thrill that’s exhilarating, unforgettable and a whole lot of fun.

Love speed, hate Sunday drivers? Then get behind the wheel of a modern classic and release your road rage in style, courtesy of the Nissan GT-R. In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it performance, this sleek supercar matches its magazine looks with show-stopping speed, fingertip handling and one thrilling moment after another. It’s got competition in the supercar stakes, but that doesn’t phase this magnificent feat of engineering. With a top speed of 193mph, the GT-R blasts around the track in a whirl of turbocharged thunder, showing Lotus and Lambo how it’s done. Track driving doesn’t get much better than this.

Porsche Driving Experience

German engineering is renowned for its precision, quality and perfection. And when it comes to Porsche, that’s exactly what you get. These majestic machines look great, feel incredible and sound like a lion’s purr – until you put your foot down. Beneath its demure exterior is a hellhound just waiting to be unleashed, and that’s where the fun really starts. Hear that unmistakable growl and feel the turbo engine spring to life as you rip around the track, all speed, raw power and screeching tyres. There’s nothing shy about this slick, sensational supercar. It’s fast, flawless, unforgettable… and über fun.

What could be better than blasting around a track with raw power at your fingertips, exquisite handling and that unmistakable Porsche thunder in your ears? Flying the flag of German engineering, a Porsche is not just a thing of beauty. Out on the track it’s all muscle and mayhem; a majestic machine that demands your undivided attention with paint-blistering speed and mind-blowing acceleration. It’s the ultimate driving thrill that’s pure and simple fun. It’s not every day you’re in the Porsche hot seat so buckle up, hold tight and prepare to have an absolute blast.

Muscle Cars and Classic Cars

Feel the awesome power of a fuel-hungry American muscle car or head back to a by-gone era by stepping into a carefully restored classic car. These experiences offer something a little different to the supercar experiences.

Multicar Events

Supercars on a race track

When one car is not enough, opt for a multicar experience with the chance to drive several legendary sports cars

What exactly is a ‘supercar’? These are the kings of the road, the beasts, the beauties, the cars that make you swoon and sway and do a double take when you see one. These are the kinds of cars that you just know are supercars. The ones you want to have your photograph taken next to when you see them parked somewhere out and about. Those cars. The ones you’ll most likely never actually get to drive yourself, so you want to get as close as you possibly can before it drives away again, off on an amazing adventure.

Choose from one or more vehicles from a wide range of prestige brands at some of the most legendary British racing circuits.

High Speed Passenger Ride

Being the driver in a fast car is so overrated. Think of the responsibility. Think of the pressure! Being a passenger gives you the best of all worlds; you can just sit back and (try to) relax as you whizz past the scenery at super high speeds! Hold on tight and let the driver do the work – all you have to do is enjoy yourself!

The high speed passenger ride experience is perfect for those who love fast cars but who prefer letting someone else take the reins. Get the feel and the experience without being in the driver’s seat! Ideal for those who are unable to drive due to illness or disability. What a birthday present this would be, or a great gift for a bride or groom to be. It’s speed, it’s big engines, it’s beautiful cars, and it’s professional drivers. Who could say no to that?

Supercar Hire and Road Days

Get behind the wheel and hit the open road with this superb sports car hire driving experience. From the Audi TT to the BMW Z4, Porsche Boxster to Mercedes Roadster, you’re simply spoilt for choice. Once you’ve finished agonising (you may have to flip for it) it’s time to take the keys, strap in and take off for four fabulous and unforgettable days. Sink into sophistication with your very own weekend wheels and enjoy the thrill of driving a show-stopping sports car that’s smooth, stylish and simply sensational. Where will the weekend take you?

Forget closed tracks and supervised laps – THIS is what driving is all about. With this superb sports car hire opportunity, driving experiences just shifted up a gear. And you’ve got the chance to get into the driving seat and onto the open road. The hardest decision is choosing your ride – Audi, BMW, Porsche or Merc? – seconded only by your choice of route. Will you head for the hills, cruise round the city or take a leisurely jaunt down the country lanes? The choice is yours. Experience total driver involvement, serious style and a truly unforgettable weekend in this unique driving experience.

What to expect on the day

Most experiences start with checking driving licences and signing some form of disclaimer. Read the small print carefully as certain experiences charge for waivers.

Track days are usually busy and there's a constant stream of participants. Sometimes this can make the experience feel a little rushed.

You'll have an instructor to hand showing you the ropes. Many track experiences last for several miles or several laps depending on the location. On the road supercar experiences are usually shared amongst a small group of participants, each getting a chance to be a driver and a passenger. Passenger thrill rides are exactly that - the instructor has complete control and opens up the taps to show you what the car can achieve.

Afterwards, there's usually some in-car footage available to purchase on track events, should you wish to take home a souvenir.

Rev It up! - What You Need To Know

  • WHEN: Events take place year-round. Only extreme weather will postpone events.
  • WHERE: Locations are available at well-known race tracks around the UK.
  • WHO: Supercar experiences are perfect for petrolheads of all ages. If your pay-packet won't stretch to an Aston Martin or Ferrari as a runaround car, this is the next best thing. Sit in the real deal, press those pedals to the floor and unleash all those horses in the tank.
  • OCCASIONS: Track days are ideal gifts for Christmas, birthday, and Father's Day. It's not just for the boys either. Ladies will have a great time racing a supercar too.
  • PRICES: Prices vary massively, and very few track day experiences are created equally. Some measure in laps while others opt for time or miles. A value experience starts from around £50 per person per car. Longer or more comprehensive experiences work out at upwards of £70 per person per car. Expect to pay a small supplement for booking weekend dates too. (correct at the time of writing)

Top Supercar Days

With over 1,000 different type of supercar experience available, the choice is not only baffling but it's too great as well. As if choosing a supercar experience wasn't difficult enough already, right?

That's why I've cherry-picked my favourites.

Anytime Supercar Experience

This is a great fail-safe option if you know the recipient loves supercars but you can't remember which one's their favourite. Pick from a variety of cars including vehicles from Aston Martin, Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, Nissan, BMW, Bentley, and Aerial. Also pick from a selection of race tracks including Mallory Park (Kirkby Mallory), Prestwold Driving Centre (Leicestershire), Shakespeare County Raceway (Warwickshire), Elvington (Yorkshire), Leeds Raceway (Yorkshire), Lydden Hill (Kent), and Dunsford-Southern (Surrey).

From £59 per person from Into The Blue (at time of writing)Learn more°

Ferrari versus Aston Martin Driving

It's Italy versus Great Britain in this twin-car experience. Race the Ferrari 430 or 360 and the Aston Martin DB9 or V8 Vantage and compare which is best. Events are held near Loughborough (Leicestershire), Seighford (Staffordshire), Elvington (North Yorkshire), Bicester (Oxfordshire), Cranleigh (Surrey), Sherburn-in-Elmet (North Yorkshire), Canterbury (Kent), Kirkby Mallory (Leicestershire), and Honiton (Devon).

From £199 per person from Red Letter Days (at time of writing)Learn more°

Five Supercar Driving Thrill with Passenger Ride

When one car is not enough, how about five supercars? There's plenty of raceways offering this experience spanning Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, North Yorkshire, Fife, Lothian, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Wiltshire, and Glamorgan. You'll race your choice of five supercars for six miles each. You'll also get a high-speed passenger ride so you can see how it's really done.

From £349 per person from Buyagift (at time of writing)Learn more°

Full Day Supercar Road Driving Day

Racing a supercar around a track is one thing, taking on out on the open road is completely different. In this experience you'll spend around five hours across eight different supercars on an epic 150-mile road trip spanning Berkshire, Hertfordshire, and Buckinghamshire. After the safety briefing and breakfast you'll get the opportunity to drive the Lamborghini LP560 Spyder, the McLaren MP4-12C, the Ferrari 458 Italia, the Maserati Gran Cabrio, the Aston Martin DBS, the Porsche 997 Turbo Cabriolet, the Aston Martin Vantage N400, and the TVR Sagaris. You'll drive 150 miles and spend 150 miles as a passenger. A hearty pub lunch is also included in this ultimate experience for petrolheads.

From £750 per person from Experience Days (at time of writing)Learn more°

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  1. Hi, ive been looking at your mini driving experiences and was wondering what engine the mini has? I dont know much about it as it is a present for my partner who loves classic minis, im not 100% sure but i think classic minis are before BMW took over them so am looking for a mini that was made before that time. If you could clear up what type of mini he would be driving that would be great thankyou, bella

    • Most of the MINI experience days use the new type MINIs. However, there are a couple of experiences that specifically mention the “classic MINI cooper” which is the one you are after. “E-Type Jaguar versus Classic Mini Cooper S Driving” should appeal!

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