When All Else Fails, Give A Gift Voucher

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One thing can be said about experience days and that is that there is plenty of choice. That's great but sometimes too much choice is baffling and  bamboozling.

Luckily, there's a range of gift vouchers deigned for you!

Types of gift vouchers

There are a range of different gift vouchers available:

  • Monetary gift vouchers are vouchers in certain denominations, such as £25, £50, £100, etc. Some go up as much as £1,000+ if you are feeling particularly generous! The benefit of giving a gift voucher rather than cash is that it shows intent and that you care. Money is an impersonal gift after all. Your monetary gift voucher can be used as full payment of an equal or lesser value experience by the recipient or they can use it as part-payment for a more expensive experience.
  • Choice gift vouchers offer the recipient the choice from a selection of activities on what they wish to do. The problem with buying a specific experience is that you might buy someone something they would never want to do. By offering them a generous range of experiences in a certain genre to choose from you're gift will be even better received. A choice gift voucher is better than cash as sometimes it's awkward knowing how much to give. A choice gift voucher removes this as you pay one figure and the recipient can choose their most favourite experience to try out without needing to top up the value with their own money.

Gift vouchers usually can only be spent of products from the retailer that card belongs to. Each gift voucher comes with instructions for the recipient on how to redeem the voucher for an experience.

A gift voucher is a great way to show you care without the harsh reality of giving physical cash. Cash is impersonal and unthoughtful whereas an experience day gift voucher shows that you wanted to give them a once in a lifetime experience. There are plenty of gift voucher options to choose from and there really is something for everyone below.

Last minute online gift cards

Some retailers sell digital versions of their gift cards which gives you a coupon code to send to the recipient. This isn't as special as receiving a physical gift card but is perfect if you've forgotten a big event and need something instantly.

Amazon, the Internet behemoth, is my favourite last-minute gift voucher choice. Vouchers can be purchased in various denominations and spent on a massive range of gifts from this mammoth digital department store. Better still, gift vouchers can be emailed so can be sent on the day of your special occasion. Buy Amazon gift vouchers here.

Gift Vouchers - What You Need To Know

  • WHEN: Gift vouchers can be bought and spent all year round. They typically last between nine and 12 months.
  • WHERE: Nationwide
  • WHO: Everyone likes money. This makes it an ideal for anyone - a family member who's really difficult to buy for, a distant family member who you don't know too well, or a friend.
  • OCCASIONS: Gift vouchers are perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries. They're also a great last minute gift idea when you've forgotten an occasion.
  • PRICES: Vouchers usually start from £10 and head right up to £1,000. (correct at the time of writing)

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